Best Buds Tote Set


Turn gift giving into a high art with our curated gift sets, designed with good times in mind. The Best Buds Tote Set includes a mini tote, rolling papers, bic lighter, stickers, and a striped matchbox full of colorful matches, for friends who appreciate life’s little pleasures.

For a Good Time: Consider these for bachelorette or bridal party gifts, because life’s too short for more monogrammed robes.


  • Pack of rolling papers, 40 count
  • Mini Best Buds Tote
  • Weedie Parker Bic lighter (color may vary)
  • Flower matchbook
  • 3 stickers  (design may vary)
  • FW20EPWBBTGS45233

All products for tobacco use only 

Best Buds Tote Set
Best Buds Tote Set
Best Buds Tote Set